“Shrug,” “What?” or “So What?”

In a phone call the other day with a long-time friend, I wrote down a note about a television program that she mentioned. Not much, but something to look up when I had a chance and I might enjoy it as much as she did.

She was right! I had a moment today, so I Google’d the title, went to the network’s page for the show, found it interesting, then went back and Google’d the name of the business to follow up. Apparently, I was not the only person to find the program of interest, and the website was struggling with the overload of requests for information and I had a hard time getting to their newsletter request page. I sent an email to the address listed there, and THAT bounced back to me as “undeliverable.” So I did what any truly interested (cross-generational) person would do and picked up the telephone. A lovely lady directed me to an alternate email address and I sent off a missive with congratulations and a request for their newsletter. I then put a note in my computer’s calendar for the air-date/time for the program.

So, there are (among others) three main reactions to this short story:

  • Shake of the head/shrug of the shoulders (duh!)
  • What? (How would *I* do that?)
  • So what? (I don’t need this)

Those of you who are completely comfortable with my actions fall in the first group. “Naturally,” you say. To you, I say “Congratulations! You have integrated this “technology” stuff and find nothing remarkable about using it. But you *might* know someone who falls into the next group.

To those inquiring minds who wouldn’t think to follow my progression, you probably fall into the “What?” category. You might hear of something and say “Interesting!” and either try to remember to look for the show, or write it down (and maybe misplace the note), but it might not occur to you to do anything else. Or you might see an ad for a product or service on TV or in a magazine, but think that using computer technology is outside of your comfort level. If you fall into that group, YOU are the person I’ve developed my seminars for! Granted, not everyone will get past their self-imposed limitations in two hours, but wouldn’t it be great to understand (even a little bit) the new and exciting things around you?

I just finished reading a great article about a couple of women who have integrated these tools into their lives, to THEIR comfort level. They are 87 and 90 years of age. You can find it here: <bit.ly/11c0y8f>

I found the article to be inspirational!

To the “So what” crowd, well, know that when you find yourself interested in understanding  a bit more, I’m just a click and email away to ask for the assistance!

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