Do you ever feel as though you are on the wrong side of the “Digital Divide?”
…As though everyone else understands a language that you don’t?
…Lost as to how to ask where to start?
…Frustrated with technology, and you just don’t think you could learn how to ask the first question?

You are not alone!

There are many very intelligent people who have met and overcome some great challenges in life, but just don’t understand technology!

“Spanning the Digital Divide – A Guide to Translating Technology” is the key to unlocking that “foreign” language. This seminar is designed to explain the introductory information about accessing a wide range of offerings in a small group setting.

Who is this for?

Moms & Dads
Sole Proprietors

If you need help beginning to figure out where to start, this seminar is for YOU!

To reserve your seat in this seminar and to get more information on dates and locations, click on the link below to email us your location and phone number, or call 716-664-1198.

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